Miracles at work. By: Taylor Ardolino

Today just like any other has been a blessing. It has brought so many smiles, so many laughs, and so many overwhelming positive emotions. Volunteer work is a way to step away from reality, get out of your own head and focus on those around you. It is a way to also zoom into and focus on reality, to actually see the poverty, sadness and struggle all around us everyday. Making people smile is probably one of the best feelings you could ever get. It is a way to show others you care. All you have to do is take time out of your busy life and do small acts of kindness for others to make them feel and know that they are not alone. Simple things make big differences, and even the smallest can make someone's day. Remember the bible never once said "figure it out", but it does say "Trust God", he's already got your plan in mind. I would love to say hi and I love you to everyone special at home including family and my special boyfriend Scot I miss you all and I can't wait to see you again. Sincerely yours and always praying for you whoever you are, Taylor Ardolino (female, 3rd year dedicated volunteer, peer therapist and mediator, person to talk or go to and participant of the graduating class of 2017).