Quinn, 17 years old

Personally, I have a connection to the community of Mexico, Maine because my family stays in a house in a nearby community every winter and summer. I have never had a chance to give back to the community near our house in Maine, and this is truly a great opportunity to do so. I hope to gain perspective of what life is like on both sides of the spectrum, rich and poor. Living in a small, secluded town, there aren’t many opportunities to experience the true “real world”. While I am there, I hope to apply myself fully to the aid of the community, and not take a minute off. Many students are planning to use this required community service as an opportunity to have fun and socialize with their friends, but I have other motives. I hope that my friends on this trip will take this opportunity as seriously as I do. This could be my best opportunity to truly give back in the near future, and I don’t want to miss any part of it. These are the times in life when you learn many new things about yourself and the community, and as I develop into a young adult, there is no better time to have this experience.