Kenzie, 17 years old

I have only been on one mission trip and I can undoubtedly say that it was the most humbling yet fulfilling experience I have ever taken part in. I did not know what to expect before attending it and I was anxious for what was to come while on the trip. However, right from the start, I began to realize that it was going to be an impactful experience. Starting with the community of faithful friends that was formed to the families that we met and helped out, I was forever changed. That mission trip made me aware of the extreme poverty present in our own country and it helped me to recognize how it is my duty to help the people I am capable of helping. The man, whose house we worked on, opened up to us and shared his life experiences with us. I learned that he is a normal man with a big heart who was just in need of a little assistance. He inspired me in so many ways and I will always remember him. Along with remembering that one man, I look back on all of my experiences from that mission trip and am so grateful for all that I learned and was opened up to while I was there. I will never forget my first mission trip and I cannot wait to continue serving others in future mission trips.