Wednesday July 17 Lindsey, Emily, and Lexi

Today was our day off from working on our job sites. We started our day off with going out for breakfast at the Front Porch Cafe and it was delicious! Next we went to Mt Tumbledown to hike. For the first time ever, we climbed all the way to the top with a big wood cross. It was a very difficult climb and we took quite a few breaks along the way, but it was worth it because the view from the summit was breathtaking. After climbing Mt. Tumbledown, we drove to Coo's Canyon and swam. It was very refreshing since we were sweating all day. Next we drove to the Chinese restaurant and had a lovely meal and then went out for ice cream down the street. At the ice cream place it started to thunder and lightning and it is still thundering and lightning right now. We ended the night with a great chapel session that included a video and also the story of the three trees. It was a very eventful and memorable day.