Day 2 - July 24

Lindsey, Sean and Greg: Today, our group had the tough task of finishing priming the new library and also transferring the shelf from the old library to the new junior high library room. In addition, we also plastered sheet rock onto the wall where the chalk board was before. Today, we did not just focus on working, but we also interacted with some local children. This included playing basketball and four square! Today was a great success.

Mike W: went to work at the food pantry today. Bagged some food for the less fortunate. Most of the people who worked there are volunteers. Great day!!!

Samantha and Emily: Today we went to the food bank and our group put together bags for the elderly. In the beginning we were all kind of disorganized and walking around trying to fill the bags in the right order without having a good efficient system. After about an hour, we all got into the flow of what we were doing and without being told jobs, put together almost two loads of orders by working together. The whole experience was extremely riveting and we both felt we took charge and assisted our group by knowing how each item was supposed to be arranged in all of the bags. All in all, today was a good day on the trip!

Hannah: Today we went back to the library and finished priming the room.  It was an accomplishment because I never thought we could finish painting today.  We played outside with the kids and saw the difference we made in their lives while playing with them.  This little boy named Ethan wrote a letter to his dad who is in jail, his dad is coming home in 8 days and Ethan is so excited.  It broke my heart seeing his face when he was telling us how his dad has been away for 16 weeks.  I hope the progress we make in the library for the rest of the week is as successful as it has been these past two days.