Day 1 - July 23

Mike W: my site is remodeling the dining area in the homestead. Pulled out a couple nails, and tore of some wood from the ceiling. Tore off the roofing too. Having fun!!

Emily and Samantha: This morning we were in charge of spirituality. Our group decided on the word responds. This word fits what the Beyond Sunday Mission group does for other people because we acknowledge others needs and difficulties and take action to improve the lives of those in need.

Mike G, Ryan, Nicole and Quinn: Today our group was in charge of cleaning the house. After a long morning, we took the one hour drive to the largest food pantry in the state of Maine. None of us knew what to expect when we arrived, but soon we found our niche: the sorting and storing of ice cream. Over the course of the five hours we spent at the facility, as a group, we sorted through roughly 3000 pounds of ice cream. With Ryan Fantasia and Quinn O’Connor’s meticulous organization and storage of the ice cream, the job seemed to fly by. After a quick session of weeding the outside garden, the first day ended flawlessly.