Welcome to Beyond Sunday Missions blog! I am so excited to finally be starting a project that has long been in my heart: modeling walking in Jesus' footsteps to groups of teens who wish to minister to those in need through small home repairs. Our first ever inaugural week is coming up this July and we need all the prayers we can get! Please pray for our first group of workers as they explore the challenge to deepen their own faith, gain courage to truly serve unselfishly and get to know one another on a week without cell phones or any other media. For so many today just giving up the constant communication with a friend is a real challenge, on this week participants will also be asked to do without all the luxuries we take for granted: hair dryers, more than one shower a day, choosing when and what to eat, making decisions based on reflection and prayer, lots and lots of prayer. I will be adding to the blog during our week together and sharing any prayers and reflections left on it with the participants of the week. I look forward to hearing from you!