Packing List

Each person may bring one large bag of clothing as well as a sleeping bag and pillow. Remember: you are going on a mission trip not a vacation!

Please Bring the Following:

•  2 Towels: 1 forthe shower, 1 for swimming
•  Toiletry items
•  2 pairs of jeans that could be discarded after the trip
•  1 t-shirt per day for the work site. (Again, we recommend bringing clothing that you could discard after the trip and should not have anything on it that you would not wear to church!)
•  1 Sweatshirt for the evening
•  3 pairs of appropriate length shorts/sweatpants, etc for evening activities (note: we will be really active, so be prepared)
•  Hiking/work boots that cover ankles: to wear to site and to hike in
•  Bathing suit: girls tankini or one piece (any bikini must be worn with a t-shirt over it)
•  Rain poncho
•  Socks and underwear for each day
•  Sneakers for team building activities
•  Flashlight (in working order)
•  Favorite Prayers or appropriate music to share
•  Sunblock, Chapstick and Bugblock
•  Small backpack for travel to swimming area/hike
•  Musical instruments
•  Hat to wear onsite, sunglasses
•  Money for small items
•  An open mind and willingness to sacrifice, work hard and get along with others

We Ask that You Do Not Bring the Following:

•  Cell phones or iPods:  there is very poor reception and no way to lock up your expensive items. Also, these items take you away from the community we are trying to build and the rest of us getting to know you!
•  Jewelry
•  Flat irons to straighten hair and/or curling irons: this week is about self-sacrifice
•  Cigarettes: there is a no-smoking policy in place for all participants. If you are a smoker please purchase Nicorette gum or patches for the week.
•  Your ego: there is no place for it this week, leave your attitude at home!

Suggested Tool List:

A limited amount of tools will be available, however, there are some basic tools you can bring that will alleviate having to wait to work. If you choose to donate the tools at the end of the week we would really appreciate it! If not, be sure to clearly mark the tools you wish to return home with.

•  Cloth Work Apron
•  Hammer
•  Work Gloves
•  Philip's Head Screwdriver
•  Flathead Screwdriver
•  Tape measure
•  Utility Knife
•  Carpenter pencil

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Meet Our Team

We encourage you to meet the team who is following God's call with "Beyond Sunday Missions".

Beyond Sunday Missions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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