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Kathleen Gallanar

Kathleen Gallanar

Kathleen Gallanar holds a Masters degree in Human Resource Development from Lesley University, and a Marketing undergraduate degree from Boston College. Kathleen is a business consultant and founder of Conbrio, Inc. Conbrio provides experience centered development solutions to companies seeking to improve the capabilities, skills and results of employees. Kathleen has over 20 years of corporate experience working in Human Resources and Sales with Fidelity Investments, General Electric Company, American Express and Continental Airlines. She is a long-time volunteer for the religious education program at Our Lady of Hope Parish in Ipswich, MA. She is a member of the Council for Women of Boston College where she mentors young women entering the workforce. Kathleen has authored My Pink Room an empowering story of perseverance and hope.

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Valerie Shippen, President of Beyond Sunday Missions, journals her thoughts & prayers about the Mission. You'll find her blog both enlightening and encouraging.

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