Mission Trips

Mission Trips are our calling from God - it's what we do!

What is the cost per trip? $475 per week per student and $250 per adult chaperone. Click here for other FAQ's

What should you expect on a mission trip? Click here!

Do I need to fill anything out? We've got a couple forms for you to fill out, so click here.

What should I bring? Or not bring? Click here to plan for your mission trip.

Is a mission trip really "life changing?" Read what these people say about their trip.

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Val's Blog

Valerie Shippen, President of Beyond Sunday Missions, journals her thoughts & prayers about the Mission. You'll find her blog both enlightening and encouraging.


Meet Our Team

We encourage you to meet the team who is following God's call with "Beyond Sunday Missions".

Beyond Sunday Missions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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